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As-Salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wabarakatuhu!

Women are the bedrock of the society, the hands that rock the cradle and the shepherds that nurture the flock by the green fields of the home front. And each women will be a daughter first and then insha Allaah become a wife before she becomes a mother bi ithnillah!

But who is there to make the bedrock firm? Who is there to strengthen the hand as it rocks the cradle? And would not the shepherd[ess] be happy to find the green fields well-watered as she puts the sheep to pasture?

It is a tough world and everyone can do with help and useful assistance. Its with this in mind that three sisters came together as far back as 2005 to start a project that will target the young teenage girl as she grows up, develops to a young adult and eventually a full grown woman.

DWM was started off with our focus on the Muslim woman. However, it was soon realized that Muslim teenagers (fondly referred to as MTEENs) cannot be separated in their need for nurturing and mentoring. Thus DWM, at least the Daughters arm - decided to focus on the MTEENs first.

DWM is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria and will partner with other reputable organizations, Nigerian or beyond - to provide a strong base to mentor, nurture and guide Muslim teens through the murky waters of early adolescence and hope insha Allaah, to steer them onto the straight path in service to Allaah, themselves, the ummah and Islam.

DWM will grow, insha Allaah, from the initial step of guiding and mentoring young adults, to supporting young wives and ultimately learning with mothers till we provide total package that presents to all, the great gift of Islam. We hope to help in regaining and retaining the pure teachings of Islam, insha Allaah, for ourselves, our families and our ummah.

  • Our Vision
    To nurture strong Muslims who will grow a strong vibrant Ummah, insha Allah.
  • Our Mission
    To mentor and foster through the stages of youth to adult hood with Islam as a guide.

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