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Sanusi Hameed , Unilag

As a graduate of Anwarul Islam model college and having partook in Mteen challenge, it is important to commend the good efforts....... The challenge had always geared me to be a good representative of the Muslim Ummah


Quadru Mustaqeem Anwar Boys Model College Agege

The MTEEN Essay traning had an impact on me because it was taken gradually which made all students to feel happy to be in class and the class was interactive even those i didnt beleive will respond in class, answered questions!!



The OPEN MIC programme wasa very fascinating especially for me as a part of the participants . I was nervous at first but I got calmer later. I will always love the DWM programmes. I have benefited a lot from the lectures and exams, especially the exams because it brightens our knowledge. The lectures have done a lot for me. I will say a big thank you to MTEEN. Thank you. Ma Salam.



OPENMIC prepares us for future challenges and builds us for public interaction. I benefitted from this programme because I'm a shy person and can't speak openly but this organisation built me up and hoping for more of it. Thank you and God bless you.



The OPEN MIC programme has been very motivating. I learnt alot especially when Rahmah (winner OPEN MIC 2013), was asked about her utmost desire in life and she said Al-Jannah!. OPEN MIC is something that encourages teens to speak well and builds their confidence, concerning Islam, Nigeria and the world. It is great.
MTEEN INTERACT is a programme that built my confidence. DWM has really made a great impact in my life especially the essays and OPEN MIC. I have really learnt alot. May Almighty Allah continue to bless DWM. (Ameen.)



I benefit from MTEEN INTERACT because it enables we Muslim girls to do more things in the course of Allah and enables us to be good in schools and everywhere and we can speak out.


Jelilat Anjorin Meiran Lagos

A thought- provoking lecture, mind opening and very well co-ordinated and interesting. I gained a lot. Iwish this programme can be done periodivcally for the continual awareness of Islam amongst our female youths.


Adetunji Kafilat

On Hijab Mall 3:
Its been a wow! for me. I suggest you don't stop this. Its an eye opener for a first timer and a reminder for a regular comer. Masha Allah



For the OPEN MIC, even though i really didnt perform well, I enjoyed it. It was funny. Astagfirllah, I laughed at some people. I also want to tell the DWM organisation a very big THANK YOU for letting me express myself. OPEN MIC made me learn my lesson on how to talk and present myself so I beleive it is very helpful. I think I benefit from all DWM programmes especially the essay. For me it was the best because it helped me alot and of course the charity.
Insha Allah, may Allah guide us all.


Abdulkareem Baseerah

Alhamdulillah for the opportunity of attending hijab mall 3. In fairness , the program was worthwhile. I learnt a lot about starting / improving an already existing business and i had the opportunity of meeting my sisters in the deen. i ask almighty Allah to reward the efforts of the organisers.


Jamilah Mahmud. Glasgow,Scotland

I'm just seeing this...This is another way of encouraging our young muslims to discover who they truly are as muslims..nice concept,beautiful idea..May Allah increase us in knowledge and guide our hearts to the straight paths... ameen thuma ameen!
Many jazaks


Jameelah Omoyele, Ijaye Lagos

At Al-Mara'h, I learnt that being a teenager is just a way for the society to cause fitnah amongst the youths, not restricting them and not guiding them. No such thing as the perfecr man, you have to find someone who can compliment you and who you can take his flaws and make them perfect and vice versa. It was a really good leacture and I learnt a lot of things. I thinkf DWM did a good job on this!



The OPEN MIC programme was interesting, I gained alot of things. Even though our school was not among the top five, this has given us the effontery, that next time, we will be more prepared than this.


Fatima Salahdeen, baruwa, Lagos

Al-Mara'h is indeed a very good and educative program and I am happy it is taking place among Muslim females


Aishat Mutairu

At Al-Mara'h i learnt not to be deceived by my age and what the society says about when to do things; being perfect is knowing that no-one is.


Lawal Muhydeen, Anwar boys mdel College Agege

The MTEEn essay traning has been wonderful. Though I had a great Knowledge about how an essay is being written, I have gotten to know more about it. I was also reminded of some issues about the essay writing, and now I know better


Lasisi Oyenuga Khadija

On Hijab Mall 3:
Its a nice concept especially as its targeted on the Muslimah. Jazakallahu khayran for your thoughtful act.


Khadija Subair

On Hijab Mall 3:
I have attended the previous Hijab Malls but this one is different. The facilitators made it so simple to understand and you don't feel like your dream is unacheivable. Jazakallahu Khairan! May Allah make it easy for you to start your own profit making business. Amin



OPEN MIC was not as nerve wrecking as I thought cause when I thought of how it was going to be to me, it made me very nervous, overall it was awesome!
It is, I think the best thing I have done, because normally, I am a shy person and I have very bad stage fright but OPEN MIC has helped me come out of my shell.
I think personally, I benefit from all MTEEN programmes. Thank you again.



The OPEN MIC was educative and interesting. Organisers should try to come and orient students more on the concept of OPEN MIC. I suggest that any school that is more than 30 minutes late, should join us where we are and not be given an opportuinity to go back. The school benefits from MTEEN INTERACT because it makes the girls mix with different set of people, and they gain many things they dont know. It increases their morals and makes them happy to be Muslim ladies.


Abdul Sobur Abdulazeez, Anwar Boys Model College Agege

MTEEN tranig has impacted a lot in my life, starting from the lectures, seminars that have been organised to the competitions with other schools. I have learnt alot from these seminars that the knowledge from these will spur me on to more in my academics at other spheres of life.


Ezenwaka Leo Patrick, Anwar Boys Model College, Agege

The MTEEN Essay Training was great and I learnt how to begin an essay!


Bilqis Abdul rasak

Al-Mara'h was interesting, I had a lot of my unspoken questions answered


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