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These are our updates for the five schools who took part in the club charities for the term, May - June 2013.

Toyibat Comprehensive High School, Medina Estate, Gbagada, Lagos

Toyibal Comprehensive High School (TOCO) students showed an expressive form of charity by continuing with their visitation of BAB ES SALAM Orpahange during their holidays and personal time!

The girls spent time with the babies and young girls and donated what they could to the orphanage. The school authority was not able to support the girls once they resumed but this display of personal commitment blew us all away!!! WELDONE LADIES!

Saka Tinubu Memorial High School, 5/9 Owolabi Omotoye Street, Orinle Agege, Lagos

Their first time attempting a charitable project, the girls of Saka Tinubu Memorial, took up the mantle of taking care of the school mosque. They cleared the weeds around the mosque and put up placcards of duas on the walls.

In poor condition, the girls are determined to put the mosque into good shape, hoping to raise monies to repair the doors and windows and paint over time. They have a plan to continue a cleaning project regularly for the timebeing. MOST IMPRESSIVE LADIES!

Anwar-ul-Islam Girls High School, Ahmadiyyah Bus Stop, Alagbado Ojokoro,Lagos

The Anwar ul Islam Girls students were unable to visit the orpahange this time to continue their work there and instead turned towards the clearing of their mosque, beleiving in continuing their charity around and within.

They had hoped to start a mosque clearing project around the environs, especially those situated close to roads and public areas. This term, they concentrated on their own. In abid to keep the flag flying, they decided to re-name their charity intitiative to "DOING ONE THING FOR A BETTER WORLD". Too true Indeed ladies!

Sound Hope Schools, Egbeda Lagos

Oue winners from last year kept the flag flying, even though the numbers had dwindled in the club participation at school. They returned to Al-imaan Hospitals Dopemu again this term and visited the patients and helped pay for bills were they could and provided provision for the patients as well. WELDONE ON THE CONSISTENCY!

At-Taoheed School,Igoke Estate, Okeodo

Also first timers to the event, this school made a most welcome outing to the Little Saints Oprhanage @ Abule Egba. They made two trips, one to understand the needs of the orphange and the second to deliver them. Even though they were not given a chance to see the kids because it was explained that this was the policy of the orphanage and the older kids were in school, the student's items were warmly received and receipted. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NOVELTY LADIES

We were most impressed with these charitable acts and say a big JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRAN to the school authorites that assisted and to the ladies, we indeed make dua that Allah purifies your intentions and rewards your efforts.

For 2016, we hope to introduce a new approach to charities from our schools, watch this space insha Allah!


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