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The Journey so far:

In partnership with junior achievers of Nigeria, we introduce the JA Its my business program !

For six weeks in the first term of every year, DWM in partnership with JAN will be exposing the students to the values of free enterprise. Students will be able amongst other things to:

  • Define entrepreneurship and identify four key entrepreneurial characteristic.
  • Recognize personal entrepreneurial characteristics.
  • Desscribe how entreprenuers fill a market need
  • Create effective advertisements for a variety of businesses.
  • Recognise how creativity and innovation are necessary enterprenurial skills for starting a business.
  • Verbally defend their actions
  • Develop business plans based on set criteria
  • Identify characteristics they share with entreprenuers.
  • Meet with succesful Nigerian enterprenuers and learn valuable tips from them!

The program is designed for students in JSS2 between October and November yearly.

2016 saw the introduction of a business challenge with the proceeds going to a worthy charity. This is introduced the term before (2nd term) for the children to plan. Do wish us the best as we begin insha Allah!

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