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  1. Why am I Muslim?
  2. Why must I obey Allah?
  3. Why am I here?

MTEEN INTERACT with the help of other sisters in Islam as mentors aims to enhance our learning of Islam and draw us closer to our Creator. Through interactive sessions, fun classes, get-togethers, essays, interviews , we hope to guide the young Muslims through the amazing gift that Islam is, insha Allah.

Through the six months of second and third term, all female students will be engaged with three times a month:

1st week of every month- Presentation of topic for the month for essay writing
3rd week of every month- selected students from essay writing interviewed (Weekend)
4th week of every month – Discussion/interactive session and presentation of gifts (Weekend)

A DWM club was set up within schools at some point to help give guidance and structure to the activities run by the schhols hoping to pass it as a legacy amongst the young muslimah's! This however didnt last for too long.

2013 saw the addition of the OPEN MIC competition to the MTEEN INTERACT group of activities. With the continued "jargon" that is spoken by teens and their lack of confidence, we decided to introduce a forum to help young adults truly express themselves properly with Islam as a guide. It is hoped to teach Effective Presentation to all our participant schools and run these competitions as a healthy training ground to develop articulate, confident Muslimahs insha Allah.

2014 saw the addition of essay writing as well as the addition of the boys to all the above activities in a bid to also raise strong Muslim Men without just concentrating on the sisters alone.

Click here to download Overall Winning Essay March 2013.

Click here for the winning Ramadhan Plan 2013

Insha Allah, 2016 saw the presentation of our programmes streamlined termly as schools got busier.

An interact session will be held per term with boys and girls seperately.

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