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The WIVES arm of DWM began on the 4th of July 2010, with the launching of the book "UMM ABDILLAH, for the fertility challenged Muslim woman", written by Dr Mutiah Badrudeen and published by one our partners, Deen Communications Limited.  This book touched on one of the most important topics of our time........Infertility.
Dr, Mutiah Badrudeen, facilitated a seminar on the subject in a totally sisters gathered event of about 70 odd women.
It was indeed a humbling experience and we have Dr Mutiah to thank for an exceptionally written piece of work which “…… gently but firmly exhorts the Muslim to go on with the business of living, rely on her Lord and be constantly grateful for the many blessings which she has been given, even as she supplicates and looks to Allah for the blessing of the womb.” (Excerpt from book review by Raliat Sunmonu)
This event stemmed the theme for yearly seminars that centered around the Muslim woman.
The Hijab mall was the seminar for 2011. Its success stemmed a repeat in 2012 and then a project ear marked for it henceforth. Yearly theme seminars on other issues as originally planned will have been held through the years. 
The Al-Mara'h series was launched.
A 3 part series focusing on engaging with the Muslimah though teen years to adulthood with the theme of family; living in one, starting one and sustaining it.
                                                * Watch this space as we rekindle the yearly seminars

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